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How to Eliminate Distractions

shield-728532_1920The easiest thing in the world to do is get distracted. And I know I’ve been guilty of it and I’m sure you have as well. Between text messages and emails and phone calls, and you know, hundreds of interruptions. Your boss is calling you, your friends calling you, you’re… you’re just getting bothered by so many different distractions.

I mean, the news is distracting, Facebook is distracting, Snapchat and YouTube are distracting, all social media is distracting. But what you have to do is find a way to cut out that noise and not get distracted and refocus yourself.

So, here’s something that I’m doing, I’ve just implemented something a few days ago to help myself stay focused and say on track.

When I get up in the morning, I get up pretty early, I like to drink a bottle of water to get myself hydrated from my long night sleep; and sometimes it’s not so long night sleep. After that, I brush my teeth, then I go and put the coffee on. While the coffee’s percolating, I go into another room and I stretch. I stretch my legs, my back, my arms, and the goal is not just to stretch and get your body feeling good, but you also want to raise your heart rate, get your blood pumping. You want to kind of jolt yourself out of your groggy slumber.

Then I come back and enjoy my coffee, start writing in my journal and then my day started.

So, I’ve eliminated all of the distractions for that period of time.

So, here’s the tip. Find a way to schedule yourself and stick to that schedule. Because once you fall of track, you have to get back on again. And you realize, once you make that shift and you schedule yourself, everything will start to shift with you. All good things will start to happen, everything will start to fall into place.

Remember, you have greatness within you. Always live life to the max, and we’ll see you soon.

Id love to come speak to your company, association or sales team and help you to get renergized to find their WHY. email me ac@anthonyjconklin and lets set up a time and make it happen! – Anthony